Re-Entering the Education IT Industry

October 12, 2018
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After a stint in the corporate world I’ve ended up back in IT where I began all the way back in 2006 – the Education Industry, and boy oh boy has it changed in the short time of 4 years since I was last here. I actually re-entered this industry almost this time last year, but I haven’t written any technical how-tos for a while and have kind of been biding my time and gathering my thoughts over the last several months.

When Kevin07 became the “thing” and 2008 rolled around, Kevin Rudd started handing out his buckets of Rudd money. It was exciting times, and this was in my opinion the beginning of the big shift in education IT. Suddenly, we had laptops for every student, more desktop PCs than we could poke a stick at, infrastructure upgrades to bring us into the 21st century and more, but more importantly things became, for lack of a better word, “better”.

Now, 10 years later, it’s amazing to see the change in the IT Industry in education. Public Cloud came along, and all of a sudden running that on premise Exchange server seems like a really dumb idea unless you have some obscure requirements, so everyone went in to Office 365.

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