Monitoring My Stuff with YupTimer

May 12, 2018
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In the day and age of 24x7x365 applications (basically, the Internet), it’s really important that you look out for outages and service issues – particularly when it comes to looking after customers that pay you money to look after their stuff (and also, your own stuff that makes you money or provides useful information to people!).

Previously, like most people, I’ve used Uptime Robot. It’s been around for a while, offers free and paid plans, and seems to be the “standard” before you start getting in to more expensive solutions (i.e. Statuscake and Pingdom… ouch!). But, one product that caught my eye recently was one that is new to market – called YupTimer. I saw a post asking for beta testers, and thought – hey I’ll give it a go, and I liked it so much that when they went out of beta I decided to pay for it!

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AWS Cost Calculator – Converting to CSV Format

January 28, 2017
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I spend a lot of time putting together AWS Cost Calculators, and as it’s been a while since I’ve made a post, I thought I’d show off a neat little extension for Chrome that I put together.

The AWS Simple Cost Calculator – – is a great tool for putting together the cost of AWS Resources. Probably the biggest use of these would be for putting together EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes. For the AWS Uninitiated, these are the equivalent of a Virtual Machine and associated disks.

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Automatically convert PEM to PPK

February 28, 2016
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Let me start by saying I love AWS. AWS is awesome, and you can do awesome things with AWS. But, if you’re like me you find it annoying working with Linux instances on AWS.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, that’s because every time I download a new Key Pair for an AWS EC2 Instance, I have to go through the oh so tedious task of converting the PEM file to something that PuTTY can use (because PuTTY won’t use PEM files). In this day and age, this is too many clicks and we want something easy and convenient.

So what did I do? I wrote some software that will convert these files automatically from PEM to PPK. What’s this piece of software called?

Why, pem2ppk of course…!

And it’s free! 🙂

Download a copy from here:

Leave a comment below if you find it useful, or have any suggestions / improvement requests.

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