Monitoring My Stuff with YupTimer

May 12, 2018
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In the day and age of 24x7x365 applications (basically, the Internet), it’s really important that you look out for outages and service issues – particularly when it comes to looking after customers that pay you money to look after their stuff (and also, your own stuff that makes you money or provides useful information to people!).

Previously, like most people, I’ve used Uptime Robot. It’s been around for a while, offers free and paid plans, and seems to be the “standard” before you start getting in to more expensive solutions (i.e. Statuscake and Pingdom… ouch!). But, one product that caught my eye recently was one that is new to market – called YupTimer. I saw a post asking for beta testers, and thought – hey I’ll give it a go, and I liked it so much that when they went out of beta I decided to pay for it!

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